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Asan Medical Center Rövid összefoglaló This trial aims to develop and validate the urinary multimarker sensor which can measure trace amounts of biomarkers from naturally voided urine in men referred with clinical suspicion of prostate cancer who have had no prior prostate biopsy.

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The investigators hypothesize that urinary multimarker sensor will help to avoid unnecessary prostate biopsy while detect the clinically significant cancers. Részletes leírás Fiatalok prosztatitisekkel investigators will develop a urinary multimarker sensor, able to measure trace amounts of biomarkers from naturally voided urine. Urine specimen collection.


Biomarkers diffused passively from prostate tissue to the urethra and will be collected from naturally voided urine. To measure the electrical signals from the four different biomarkers in the urine, the four sensing a prostatitis termékek kezelése in the extended gate of an field-effect transistor biosensor will be conjugated to antibodies, thus capturing different biomarkers.

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Without any pretreatment, urine will be added directly to the four different sensing channels. After 20 min of reaction time in the four channels, the bottom gate voltage shifts will be measured at the reference current 1 nA. Each urine sample will generate four independent sensing signals from the corresponding biomarkers.

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The set of sensing signals collected for each patient will be then analyzed. Átfogó állapot.

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