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We use self-developed gentle technology for the extraction and cold press of grape seeds prostate treatment with seeds the production process. This way, the valuable antioxidants and vitamins within the grape seed are not damaged.

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Aside from vitamin C and B as well as beta carotene, procyanidin is the best known haemodynamic i. The vitamins and antioxidants within grape seed oil strengthen the blood vessels and the capillary walls; they also reduce LDL dad cholesterol-levels, thus reducing the likelihood of thrombosis.

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It improves sight, can prevent the formation of cataract; it also protects the genetic material of cells from harmful effects and reduces the risk of developing cancer. The consumption of grape seed oil is recommended for men with prostate issues and impotence as well as for women experiencing menopause.

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It may also improve the recollection capabilities of people suffering from psychosclerosis. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it strengthens the stress-resistance of the body and reduces the aging process!

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When applied externally, grape seed oil is easily and deeply absorbed into the skin. Its special property is the ability to regenerate the collagen in tissues, thus it can help prevent early aging; its use leaves the skin softer and suppler — it is a common staple for massages.

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Due to its easy and fast absorption, it is often recommended for the treatment of a prosztatitis zab kezelése skin. After bathing, rub it on ourselves and leave it on for est.

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It is also recommended to boost up our body lotion with it. Grape seed oil is proven to strengthen hair follicles. Recommended use: teaspoon, daily. Store in refrigerator after opening.

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