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New European Union Looks at Chemical Mixtures Beyond Prostate cancer canada news, October 30, The European Union EU adopted, in mid-October, a new strategy on chemicals — including pesticides — that seeks to deal with their combined synergistic and cumulative impacts on human and environmental health.

Beyond Pesticides has insisted for years that, here in the states, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA has been way behind the eight ball in dealing with the potential synergistic and cumulative impacts of the pesticides its registers for prostate cancer canada news.

Advocates have argued that the agency must be far more rigorous in evaluating impacts of exposures to multiple pesticides, as well as cumulative impacts. It is difficult to tell, at this early juncture, how impactful this strategy will be.

Comments by Virginijus Sinkevičius, the EU Environment Commissioner, appear a bit ambiguous and may belie some of the fanfare over the announcement.

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To its credit, the strategy document does say that the European Commission ECthe independent, executive arm of the EU, will turn especial attention to compounds that act as endocrine disruptors, which many pesticides do. Prosztata vagy prosztatitis health disorders are associated with endocrine disruption.

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One noted in the document is that, although the EU already has fairly ambitious chemical regulations in place, worldwide production of chemicals is expected to double in the next decade; use of synthetic chemicals is also expected to increase prostate cancer canada news. Another catalyzing fact was EU biomonitoring results that demonstrate increasing numbers of distinct and harmful chemicals showing up in human blood and tissue samples.

These include pesticides, plasticizers, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and flame retardants.

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Information in a report out of the European Food Safety Authority EFSA earlier in no doubt had an impact, as well: a third of the food Europeans consume harbors residue from two or more pesticides. Europe, and the EU specifically, have been more proactive than the U.

EPA continues to regulate pesticides primarily on a chemical-by-chemical basis. When it ventures toward addressing synergistic or cumulative impacts, it does so in a narrow way: e.

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For example, inthe agency requested public comment on a proposal to require data that could help determine synergistic effects of some pesticides; and a year ago, EPA announced a proposed interim process on assessment of potential synergistic effects of mixtures of active ingredients in pesticides on non-target organisms. Regenerative, organic practices are the path to a livable future.

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Help support advocacy for that future: join Beyond Pesticidesadvocate with decision makers in local communities, and please: vote for elected officials at every level that support genuinely protective regulation and a transition to non­—chemically intensive agriculture and land management. All unattributed positions and opinions in this piece are those of Beyond Pesticides.

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